5 Tips to Avoid Breathing Problems in Summer

Tips to Avoid Breathing Problems in Summer

Summer is regarded as a wonderful time of year when you can have outdoor fun and even go for vacations with your family. But do you know that the season can be dangerous for the people who have chronic lung disease, like COPD or asthma? Extreme heat and humidity can trigger your lung disease and you can even face different READ MORE

Risk of Air Pollution: Know The Health Effects

Risk of Air Pollution

Air pollution mainly refers to the release of pollutants into the air, which can harm human health. Most of the pollution comes from production and energy usage like the burning of fossil fuels, the smoke of vehicles, pollution from industries and many others. Breathing such a harmful pollute air can make you ill and you can even face different respiratory READ MORE

Mi Air Purifier 2 Review: A Smart Gadget to Clean Indoor Air


For a healthy life, it is important that you eat pure and clean food, drink filtered water and even breathe fresh air. Yes, you need fresh air to breathe so that you can stay healthy. But, with the increase in the rate of air pollution, it has become next to impossible for us to breathe fresh air. Is there any READ MORE

KENT Aura Air Purifier Review: Know Why it is Best For Your Home?

If the latest WHO report is to be believed, then 14 out of 20 most polluted cities in the world are from India. Yes, it is true and I think now you have understood what you are breathing. The air is filled with contaminants, which is harmful to everyone and inhaling the same makes you ill. Today’s situation (air pollution) READ MORE

Struggling to Breathe Fresh Air, See What WHO has to Say About It!


Air pollution has become a common term nowadays and it refers to the physical, biological and chemical alteration in the air. The release of pollutants like dangerous gases, dust and smokes in the air are very harmful to human health. This can cause serious threats to all especially to kids. Air pollution can be caused due to the burning of READ MORE

Ways to Handle Springtime Allergy Triggers

Springtime allergy

Spring is here to provide you relief from the winter chills. Though many of us love this season, springtime is the worst time for allergy sufferers. The presence of pollen, excessive dust, pet dander and mold alleviate the symptoms springtime allergy such as sneezing, runny nose, red eyes, congestion and asthma. Among the different sources of allergies, pollen is the READ MORE

A Detailed Comparison of the Best Air Purifiers in India

Air Purifiers

Indoor air pollution has become a rising concern among people all over India. The presence of harmful chemicals and other pollutants make the indoor air 10 times more polluted than the outdoor pollution. While most of the people may think that people in rural areas are at a high risk of indoor air pollution, it may come as a surprise READ MORE

Suffering from Sinusitis? An Air Purifier Can Help you

Sinus Problems

A common health problem that people suffer from is sinus infection. When the tiny holes that connect our nasal passages to our sinuses are blocked, it results in infection. The chances of developing sinus infection increases for people already suffering from allergies or asthma. Many people resort to over -the-counter medicines to get relief from sinus problem. However, over-the-counter medicines READ MORE

KENT Alps+ Air Purifier- Helps you start Breathing Fresh Air at Home

KENT Alps+ Air Purifier

With the increasing amount of air pollution, it is necessary to take the necessary steps to keep yourself safe from the harmful effects. However, many of us ignore the fact that indoor air is 5 times more polluted than the outdoor air. Polluted indoor air can lead to a number of respiratory and health problems. Presence of dust, PM 2.5, READ MORE